Müller Mekansika AB, Sweden introduces HMM Solutions Inc

Müller Mekansika AB, Sweden introduces HMM Solutions Inc to provide sales and support for the Americas.

Müller Mekansika designs, engineers, and manufactures high quality, high performance components for plastic injection molds and plastic injection molding machines.  Müller Mekansika offers over thirty patented engineered mold components including plate control devices and hydraulic locking cylinders.  Müller Mekansika also offers hot runner nozzles and melt filters for molds and machine nozzles.

HMM Solutions Inc – with experience in thermoplastics, process and product development, marketing, and business management – will focus on supporting distributors, and partnering with end customers to develop new products and solutions that address the challenging needs of mold builders and molders in today’s competitive market.